1. Sina

    استایل زیبای compusoft green برای ویبولتین 4.2.5

    شات از استایل: █ در دو نسخه fix و fluid █ نیاز به راست چین کردن ندارد To use the style, you must do the following: Upoad the entire images folder from the upload folder into your forum root directory. Now it should look something like this: yourforum/images/style/green If you have done...
  2. Sina

    دانلود استایل ویبولتین vBulletin Modern Theme - By Technidev 1.0.3 برای نسخه 4.2.x

    About This File Information This theme is based on the mock-ups made by a former IB/vBulletin employee. I don't have any names unfortunately. This style has been tested on Microsoft Edge, Firefox 43, Chrome 48. This style supports vBulletin's suite. (CMS/blog/articles) This style should work...
  3. Sina

    دانلود استایل تاریک و زیبای ZTech Red - IP.Board style - BETA برای ویبولتین 4.x.x

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    دانلود استایل فلت و زیبای eTiKeT™ Flat Style برای ویبولتین 4.2.2

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