1. Sina

    استایل زیبای compusoft green برای ویبولتین 4.2.5

    شات از استایل: █ در دو نسخه fix و fluid █ نیاز به راست چین کردن ندارد To use the style, you must do the following: Upoad the entire images folder from the upload folder into your forum root directory. Now it should look something like this: yourforum/images/style/green If you have done...
  2. Sina

    هک انتخاب و آپلود آواتار در بخش ثبت نام

    This mod will add a section for new users to select an avatar during registration (see screenshots) Features: - Enable/Disable the Mod - Set an Avatar Category ID to display avatars from - Allow custom avatars to be uploaded - Chnage the maxwidth,maxheight,maxsize and enable/disable GIFs for...